How are feeling?

Feeling like you could/should be doing better? This program was designed for ambitious individuals who are serious about achieving positive measurable change over the next 6 weeks. If your experiencing any of the following feelings, this program is for you!

  • You feel burnt out and unsatisfied with your progress

  • You're unhappy and stressed out on a daily basis

  • You lack clarity about your purpose in life

  • You don't have a support system

  • Unsure of where you're going in life

Feel The Difference Tomorrow!

Creating Change is a process, but when you apply these tools you'll begin to see and feel the difference within the first week! This six (6) Week program includes weekly coaching sessions to help you better understand the change process. Once you have an understanding of how to create change, we will focus on creating that change with your own goals, showing you how to reproduce success around any goal. As a result of this program you will take away the following:

  • Clarity in Values & Purpose

  • Improved Personal and Professional relationships

  • The ability to adapt to any new challenges

  • Personal goal setting frameworks

  • A decrease in stress and sense of confidence

Course Content

This program has been broken up into four sections to be done over a six-week period and will include six (6) coaching sessions. You'll learn tools to identify values, habit loops, negative/self-limiting thought patterns, goals and more... In addition to the tools included in the program you will be coached on each topic to help implement these tools in your life. By the end of this program you will have completed a goal which you’ll pick during the program (its perfectly fine if you already have that goal in mind), along with an understanding of how to continue to achieve the same level of productivity that you’ll experience during this six weeks of this program.

  • Creating Change – The change process begins with understanding our mind and how reality is created. From there we will learn to identify self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk so we can overcome the obstacles they create.

  • Value, Principles, & Purpose – Without Values, Principles, and Purpose we have no foundation. This can cause us to feel directionless along with having negative consequences on relationships due to the inconsistencies which can accompany this path.

  • Strategic Plan – In the six weeks of this program you are going to learn to be super productive. You’ll create a strategic plan that’ll help you map out your goals with timelines, to help keep you on track and up to date with progress.

  • Execution & Evaluation - This is where you’ll take action, review results, evaluate progress and continue to move forward. Once you’re moving forward and knocking down subgoals, you’ll be able to reflect on past performance to identify challenges and room for improvement.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Creating Change Program Intro

    • Program and Instructor Info

    • What this course will cover

    • A few questions to start

    • 1:1 Call

  • 2

    Redefining Reality

    • Factors of Perception

    • Mindset & Perception

    • Habits

    • Meditation

    • Journaling

    • 1:1 Call - 2nd Call

  • 3

    Values & Principles/ Passion & Purpose

    • VPPP - Lesson Intro

    • Values

    • Principles

    • Passion

    • Purpose

    • 1:1 Call - 3rd Call

  • 4

    Strategy & Execution

    • Strategy & Implementation

    • Mission & Vision

    • Goals & Milestones

    • Implementation, Feedback & Realignment

    • 1:1 Call - 4th Call

  • 5

    Sustained Growth

    • Continuing Success

    • 1:1 Call - 5th Call

  • 6

    SDC Tool Kit - Program Wrap Up

    • Final Call

What Clients Are Saying

Andrea D. / License Esthetician / Founder

I worked with Dominic when I was first starting a suite spa all on my own. I felt very overwhelmed and pulled in many directions. Dominic helped me not only by being a space for me to get my thoughts out but how to organize them in a productive manner. He made it simple for me to get tasks done without anything coming off as a huge overwhelming task. I was able to organize what I had to do to get to where I needed to be. I found coaching with him to be incredibly helpful and beneficial for someone who is struggling when first starting a business and balancing personal life.

Kim B./ Planty Good Vibes / Founder

Without DJ's guidance and knowledge I wouldn’t have been able to launch my online store and execute the necessary steps to obtain my sales, AND maintain a position in Shopify’s top 20% of stores that opened within the same week as myself! With no background in business, DJ has been a human life jacket as I navigate the depths of every learning curve that comes with starting a business. Through digestible, accessible information he curates I have been able to level up as a business owner and human in general. Thank you DJ for showing me the way without judgment, punishment, or shame! DJ embodies encouragement, cLear perspective, and intelligence as a coach. I’m beyond grateful for all I’ve learned, and can continue to apply to obtain the life I value! Thank you DJ!!!!

Invest in YOURSELF

Knowledge is power only when applied...


Personal & Professional Development Coach

Development Coach

Dominic S.

As your Whole Person Certified Personal & Professional Development Coach, my mission is to empower you as you transition into a more productive and mindful version of yourself. Through a mindfulness-based approach, I give my clients the tools to identify and overcome roadblocks, allowing them to strategize and successfully execute their desired results. By encouraging independence and accountability, my clients can apply these methods in all areas of their lives, adopting a more proactive, growth-oriented mindset to foster continued success.


  • Is coaching right for me ?

    It is our belief that Coaching is for everyone. Not every Coach may be right for you however Coaching is an action-oriented process intended to unlock human potential. It's safe to say we've all experienced Coaching at some point in our life.

  • For how long do coaching engagements last ?

    Coaching engagements can last anywhere from a month to a year plus. The program and goals of the client ultimately determine the timeline of coaching.

  • What outcomes can I expect from this program ?

    This program has been designed to enable you to coach yourself. Coaching will enable you to achieve your goals. This takes place through a process where we gain clarity in direction. Goals are established along with an understanding of where you are at in the process of achieving those goals and what it will take to get them accomplished.

A Value of $2,349 for a Total $979

Invest in yourself , 24 lessons, 6-8 hours of 1:1 Coaching to apply those lessons, and The Self Development Toolkit Ebook (40 scientifically validated tools and tip)